Why Juice Fresh Fruits and Vegetables?

Why Juice  Fresh Fruits and Vegetables?

Did you know that 95% of the nutrient content of fruit and vegetables is found in the juice? A well balanced and healthy diet includes many servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Sometimes it is hard to just eat that much food. Fresh fruits and Vegetables made into juices are an easy source for getting those vital nutrients. When fruits and vegetables are juiced, the cell walls of the produce are broken down to let the juice out. This juice is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream. That is the quickest way to get nutrients into the body through the digestive system.

 Phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables have been found to cure ailments such as asthma, diseases of the heart, digestive system, and diabetes. Consumed regularly they prevent and help fight many types of cancer. The best way to access these phytochemicals is through juicing the fresh fruits and vegetables and consuming that juice fresh and raw.

Chlorophyll, which is found in the green vegetables, particularly the leafy ones, has very similar makeup to the hemoglobin in the blood. Basically, it is the blood of the plants. It is healthy to use the green leafy vegetables in juices because of this oxygen transporter that is in them.

Raw fruits and vegetables contain many enzymes that play an important part not only in the digestion of our food but also in the building and repairing of our bodies. Our bodies produce enzymes, but we need so many that as we age, they become less available for the many jobs they are needed for in our bodies. If we supplement them we live healthier. Many of these enzymes are made up of trace minerals and other elements that we can get from juiced raw produce.

 You have complete control over the ingredients when you make your own juices. You select the ingredients and other flavorings to be added. You have the final choice when you do it yourself. Because health and tastes are individual things, no two people will choose the same. What works for one may not work for someone else. That is one very good reason for having your own juicer and using it in your home. As you educate yourself about your health issues you are better able to choose what will be right for you.

 The benefit we get from our food is so much greater in most cases, if we eat it raw. Juicing raw fruits and vegetables gives us more of the necessary nutrients to keep our bodies functioning at top efficiency than chewing our food. Dietary experts tell us that the juice of fruits and vegetables is absorbed more efficiently. We have the choice of what foods to use, if and how to add flavors, organic or inorganic, how fresh we want the food, and what we ultimately juice when we choose to juice our own food. Choose healthy, choose juicing for health and to enjoy the flavors of good food.