Welcome to our store.  Expect to find products that promote healthy living.  Also look for things that help your self-reliance.   Just shop till you drop and then come back soon and do it again.  As you shop, make note of things you would like to see us carry and let us know.  You can help us improve your shopping experience and we welcome your comments.products

As we add new products you will find them in the what’s new section on the home page.  So visit and explore our offerings here often.

Brouse Our Products and Shop Till You Drop

Join our excitement for the lineup of products in the following pages.  Find the latest in juice extractors, blenders, canning tools and supplies.  We hope you will visit our recipe section and try out some of our favorites.  For that frugal shopper who hopes to reclaim that loved tool that needs a part, visit our parts department.  We have a large selection of replacement parts for many of our favorite kitchen tools and small kitchen appliances.



Be adventurous and try a new tool or recipe.  Try it, you might like it.  What if that new item will improve your enjoyment of food or being in the kitchen?  We’d love to hear your stories.  


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