We love sharing information, things we know a bit about.  Find some of our articles here.  We talk about things we find that help our health.  Some are new and some are very old, but you may find them new to your thought process.  Thank you for stopping by to learn with us.  You are welcome to comment, but if you do, please keep it upbeat.  Also, please do not use your comments to advertise your own web site.  If you need help learning to advertise your site check out the information here that will help you.  We wish you well in your internet experience.

Because we talk a lot about juice extractors on our blog and web site,  you will guess informationthat we have a fixation with them.   So, yes, you are awesome.  Because they help us be healthy, we use and sell many different types of juice extractors.  If you ask us which type is best we really can’t tell you.  We use them all and like them all.  We also use blenders and drink smoothies often.  Are juice and smoothies the only things you will find referenced here to drink?  No.  Go to our blog and learn about juice fasting and what else you need to drink during a juice fast.


Information About How To Eat Healthy

Do you live to eat or do you eat to live?  When people ask that question I ponder about the answer.  Which one would you chose?  I am not going to share my answer to that with you right now.  However, I am very impressed when I hear about someone who changes the way they eat and live and it heals them.  I love to share those stories with my friends and family.  We all learn from other people’s experiences.  Join us in learning.

I am a gardener and have learned to preserve my produce.  Some time ago I took a master canning course to learn to help other people do it right.  This has helped me so much to take care of the things I have.  We live where the growing season is short so we rely on our preserved food to feed us through the long cold winters.

Things I have learned are the things I share on my blog.  If you don’t find things to learn from me, give me a topic that you would like to learn about.  Come back often and enjoy what you learn on my Blog.  Also share it with your friends.

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