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Organic Sunflower sprouts are high in fiber, protein,essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B complex, C, potassium,magnesium as well as thetrace elements zinc, manganese, copper and chromium. OrganicSunflower sprouts taste like nothing you have ever tasted,they have a flavor all their own.

Organic Sunflower greens are a tender baby vegetable, highin chlorophyll, and a substitute for lettuce. OrganicSunflower greens have a slightly salty taste that somecompare to watercress. They are rich inchlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, and proteins.


  • High germination rate
  • Perfect for edible seeds and greens
  • Gardening, hydroponics
  • Growing salad sprouts
  • Survival food storage
  • Organic cooking
  • And more…

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