Wheat Grass Growing Kit – Handy Pantry


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Did you know that wheat grass picks up 92 of the 102 knownminerals in the soil and contains all the vitamins thatscience has isolated? Loaded with natural vitamins,minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll, wheat grass juice notonly feeds and nourishes your cells, but also helps to ridthem of harmful toxins and remove wastes that clog cells,tissues, and organs. Our easy and fun to use kit containseverything you need.

  • 3 Growing trays
  • 1 Drain tray
  • 3 Cocotek hydroponic wheat grass mats
  • 1 Supply of azomite trace mineral fertilizer
  • 2 lbs of organic wheat grass seed
  • 1 Booklet – sprouting for health in the newmillennium
  • 1 Laminated instruction sheet

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