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Let Me Say It Again:  Welcome

We are so happy that you stopped by to shop, visit and learn with us.  We do have a selection of handy gadgets that are a great help in the kitchen.  Some are fancy, but many are just plain, but very useful.  Enjoy your stay and come back often.

Our Passion is Healthy Things.  We love being healthy and actually, who doesn’t?  What is nicer than visiting healthy animals and viewing healthy plants?  We luxuriate in a healthy economy and do our best to promote that.  Healthy attitudes are high on our list of important things.  To be healthy pay attention to what you eat, what you breathe, drink, put on your skin, and think.  That is right, and there is a lot more to it than any of us really know.  Thus health really is a work in progress and we may never be done.  Join us on the journey to find better ways to enjoy and promote good health in your circle.

Grow With Us

If you have self-reliance needs that may not revolve around the kitchen and food, you will want to check out this website as well.  When we find new ways to help people and feel they are worth sharing we share them on Lee’s Amazing Solutions.  For ways to interact with your family and friends or if you need another stream of income, you will find something for you.

Are you good at thinking outside the box?  Do you find you are frugal enough to want to save that old apple slicing machine or sauce maker that is broke?  Are you a Do It Yourself kind of person?  Because if you are, you have come to the right place.  We sell handy tools, so we carry lots of replacement parts that will help you salvage many of your already loved tools.  Check out our replacement section and message us if you do not find what you need.  Chances are good that if it has to do with kitchen tools our resources can help you.